Our graduates

  • Alexey Mendus
    Alexey Mendus
    Course QA/AT
    I became interested in IT when I was still at university. I was studying psychology, and even then I realized I was unlikely to work in my specialty. Finding good courses that catered to what I wanted to learn turned out to be quite difficult. There aren’t many schools out there that give students really sound knowledge and job opportunities. DevEducation was the right choice. After training, I got a job at the WizardsDev IT company as a QA engineer. I wish you success in whatever you seek to accomplish!
  • Victor Zozulya
    Victor Zozulya
    Course Java
    I worked as a bartender for a long period, but had also wanted to try out IT for a long time. What matters at DevEducation are the people. The head of the college personally spoke with me in the interview, and I felt supported by all the staff throughout training. The teachers placed great importance on quality training and the ability to find a job quickly and efficiently. I’m now a software developer and my work has given me the chance to learn multiple libraries and languages. But it was DevEducation that laid the foundation for all of this!
  • Valentin Zuev
    Valentin Zuev
    Course QA/AT
    Before joining DevEducation, I worked a lot of jobs — courier, sales representative, online store manager, and content manager. But in each of them, there came a moment when I realized that I was no longer advancing. Then I decided to find a field where there would always be opportunities to grow, so I chose IT. DevEducation courses helped me create a huge foundation of knowledge, practice a lot, and participate in hackathons with teams from different countries. I currently work for WizardsDev in a QA/AT role. Remember: no matter who you were and what you've done before, set yourself a goal and build your own successes!

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